We provide a range of proven open-source CRM solutions which are integrated with your existing online presence to provide a seamless user experience but also a smooth transition for your organisation from your existing practice to a comprehensive system for taking care of your customers. The tehnology we provide is accompanied by effective change management strategies to help align your people and processes with set customer relationship goals.

When combined with our Hotel Management System platform, the resulting CRM system covers the entire sales lifecycle, from customer identification and acquisition all the way to check-in, check-out and after-sales customer experience evaluation.

Our full-featured CRM offering is comprised of the following modules:

  • Social Media Marketing: Active social network marketing, including monitoring of social media accounts and interaction with users, the building of leads lists through social media hashtags and mentions.
  • Contact Management: In-depth and detailed contact tracking, including visits and interaction with your web pages.
  • E-mail Marketing: Unlimited personalised e-mails, full integration with third-party tools and decision-based follow-ups are some of the main features
  • Forms: Online design of specialised forms for every occasion, fully integrated and interacting with all other CRM modules
  • Campaigns: Including Campaign management, automated processing of connections with contacts and integration with the sales funnel processes.
  • Reports: A comprehensive set of reports that allow you to monitor and adjust your marketing efforts for maximum impact.