Our mission

Our mission: To provide integrated know-how, tools and resources to cater for the operational needs of small-to-medium hotel owners.

Why heregrant

The advent of the world wide web and the subsequent spectacular rise of the Internet as the foremost medium for communication and business has had a profound effect on the travel and tourist industries. It has changed forever the way in which hotels, large and small, reach, communicate with and acquire customers. There exist today a number of large players in the business of aggregation, in the form of monolithic sales channels, the trend being towards a form of extended search engine model, extended with online booking facilities

One aspect of the hotel business which has received relatively less attention by the online service industry is that of the day-to-day operations involved in running small-to-medium sized units. While such solutions exist, the balance between cost-effectiveness, flexibility and customisation in such systems is not always ideal.

In 2013, a team of developers who worked on a number of projects in the hotel administration sector saw the need for a structure which would allow smaller players to take advantage of many of the features offered by more expensive systems and provide a solid foundation for running day-to-day operations which would interface with existing channels and services, while remaining flexible and adaptable enough to accommodate for the multitude of different scenarios.

It soon became clear that the solution would have to be an integration of existing systems, coupled with purpose-built software, and implemented modularly on a need-basis after careful consultation with hotel owners: A tightly knit combination of systems, services and knowledge, solely focused on the operational needs of small-to-medium sized hotel owners. The result was heregrant.

Who we are

We are a V.A.T. registered limited liability company based in Nicosia, Cyprus, and founded i 2016. Our team is comprised of a small number of seasoned web developers, database programmers, user-interface designers and consultants, all of which have collaborated on numerous projects long before our company was built, and share many years of experience servicing the travel, hotel and real estate industries.