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The travel industry is one which has met with tremendous changes due to the advent of the information age.
The world wide web has become the primary tool for the acquisition of retail clients for hotel owners all-over the world.
Providing you with the know-how, the services and the infrastructure needed to use the latest web technologies to help your business grow is our mission.

Reasons to choose heregrant

Focused on you

heregrant is not an all-stop shop for everyone. We are focused on the small-to-medium hotel business sector, aiming to be the knowledgeable partner that will help your business grow

Complementary know-how

We know the hotel business. The know-how and technology we provide is a result of years of problem-solving at the side of hotel owners and managers during day-to-day operations.

Customised services

Tough the services and technologies we provide are all drawn from existing pools, we never deliver cookbook solutions to your problems. Each approach is adjusted, and the resulting implementation individually crafted to fit your specific needs.


You may already have existing partners and/or systems in place that you are happy with. At heregrant we work with what is already there, tackling only those aspects of your business which require our input.



With a team of in-house experts and associates coming from multiple disciplines, heregrant draws from a pool of many years of experience and knowledge to improve the performance of your website and online business.

Customer Acquisition

heregrant combines a range of strategies to create a comprehensive customer acquisition solution for your company. We have the skills and experience to help you grow your business through strategies designed for maximum exposure in the marketplace.

Customer Relationship Management

We provide a range of proven open-source CRM solutions which are integrated with your existing online presence to provide a seamless user experience but also a smooth transition for your organisation from your existing practice to a comprehensive system for taking care of your customers. 

Hotel Management System

heregrant's hotel management system is a cost-effective and reliable solution for small-to-medium hotel busineeses. Our system is designed to help increase your direct sales from the website, improve efficiency and decrease your administration costs bringing you maximum yield for your investment.

Learn more today about how heregrant can help your small-to-medium hotel business grow through a strong online presence and the use of customised customer acquisition tools.

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